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The most important part of Portico is one-on-one coaching. Portico leaders meet monthly with coaches in a virtual one-hour Copilot coaching session.

Our approach helps develop an understanding of what it takes to build a school that serves all kids well and stay focused on a shared vision for readiness that is holistic to create systems change. Portico coaches help school leaders solve problems through systemic change.

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos Hernandez

    In the dynamic landscape of education, school leaders often find themselves navigating a myriad of challenges, from daily tasks to unforeseen emergencies, all while bearing the weight of impactful decision-making. Recognizing the pressures school leaders face, Carlos Hernandez believes in the transformative power of collaborative support that comes from coaching. Read Full Bio

  • Constantino Aguilar

    Constantino Aguilar

    Constantino Aguilar is a leader committed to working with school administrators on how to navigate change and creating a positive culture on campuses. Currently serving as the Superintendent of Riverbank School District (CA), Dr. Constantino Aguilar brings over 27 years of rich educational experience. Starting as a high school Spanish teacher, he ascended through various leadership positions including associate principal, principal, and Executive Director of Technology and Innovation, and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at Merced Union High School District (CA). Read Full Bio

  • Courtney Spelber

    Courtney Spelber

    With a career spanning over two decades in education, Courtney Spelber has dedicated her professional journey to enhancing students’ academic experiences and holistic well-being. Beginning as a teacher, she transitioned into administrative roles, eventually assuming the pivotal position of principal at Ocean View High School. Currently serving as the Director of Student Services at the Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD), Courtney leads the MTSS team, prioritizing meaningful connections with each student. HBUHSD holds a steadfast belief in honoring every student’s individuality and providing equitable opportunities for growth and success. Read Full Bio

  • Jocelyn Bigay

    Jocelyn Bigay

    Driven by a commitment to Creating Access, Bridging communities, and Leading with Equity, Jocelyn Bigay has dedicated her career to transformative work within the secondary education system. With experience spanning various roles including high school teacher, middle school assistant principal, alternative education principal, and district-level manager, she has championed change and improved outcomes for historically underserved students. Read Full Bio

  • Kate Barker

    Kate Barker

    Kate Barker’s illustrious 34-year career includes 17 years as a principal, cultivating vibrant cultures despite challenges like poverty and diversity. Her education, including a master’s in Special Education and a reading endorsement, equips her with strategies for equitable practices. Driven by a passion for collaboration, Kate believes in the power of relationships to optimize growth. She aims to create a trusting space where leaders can flourish. Read Full Bio

  • Kyle Laier

    Kyle Laier

    With over 22 years of experience in education, Kyle Laier’s career stems from early experiences coaching youth, fostering a passion for supporting others in achieving their aspirations. As a former school and district leader in Oregon and California, he is drawn to mentoring colleagues and aspiring leaders. His coaching philosophy, rooted in curiosity and community-building, seeks to cultivate supportive relationships among leaders, driving transformative outcomes for students across diverse educational landscapes. Read Full Bio

  • Nina Reed

    Nina Reed

    Dr. Nina Reed is deeply committed to supporting educators and fostering connections within school communities. Her greatest hope lies in helping others surpass their goals and enhancing their relationships with students, staff, and communities. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Reed actively engages in ongoing learning and research, staying informed about current educational practices. Her dedication enables her to offer tried-and-tested strategies, tailored to meet the unique needs of individual schools. Read Full Bio

  • Paul Coakley

    Paul Coakley

    Dr. Paul E. Coakley brings over a decade of diverse educational leadership experience to his role as Superintendent of Multnomah Education Service District (ESD), a position he assumed in July 2021. Beginning his career as Principal of Hudson Park Elementary School in Rainier, Oregon, Dr. Coakley swiftly progressed to serve as Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction in Rainier before transitioning to Centennial School District, where he held positions as Assistant Superintendent/Human Resources Director and Superintendent. Read Full Bio

  • Rachael George

    Rachael George

    Rachael’s journey from battling wildland fires with the U.S. Forest Service to extinguishing educational challenges in the classroom reflects her unwavering commitment to making a profound impact. A pivotal conversation in Grangeville, Idaho prompted her transition, leading her to embrace a role in education. Recognized as a member of the ASCD Emerging Leaders Class of 2015, Rachael currently serves as the Executive Director of Elementary Programs and Prek Principal in the Oregon Trail School District. Prior to this role, Rachael served as the Executive Director of Student Services, a building principal at the middle and elementary level, as well as… Read Full Bio

  • Shay James

    Shay James

    Shay James brings over 23 years of dedicated service to public education, currently serving as the Superintendent of the North Clackamas School District (NCSD). With a rich background encompassing various leadership roles, Shay’s journey in education began as a teacher and evolved through positions including Assistant Principal, Vice Principal, Principal, and Senior Director of High Schools and College and Career Readiness within Portland Public Schools. Read Full Bio

  • Ted Zehr

    Ted Zehr

    With over 12 years of experience as a high school principal in schools ranging from 1,000 to 1,800 students, coupled with two years as the Executive Director of Secondary Schools in the Hillsboro School District, Ted Zehr brings a wealth of leadership expertise to the education sector. Following retirement, he continued his dedication to education by serving as an interim middle school principal and assisting a small district in establishing an online school to meet the needs of students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read Full Bio

  • Todd Miller

    Todd Miller

    Todd Miller has left an indelible mark on education through his multifaceted roles and unwavering dedication to student success. As Superintendent of Santiam Canyon School District since 2013, he has overseen comprehensive operations and collaborative budget development, resulting in enhanced student opportunities, improved climate and culture, and upgraded infrastructure and technology. His transformative leadership extends to coaching with Portico, where he leverages his vast experience to empower school leaders for the benefit of all students. Read Full Bio

  • Tracy Piper

    Tracy Piper

    With a diverse career journey spanning from the trading floor to the classroom, Tracy Piper’s trajectory embodies a commitment to learning and growth. Transitioning from stockbroker to math teacher, she discovered a passion for education beyond content delivery. As a middle and high school educator, she delved into the intricacies of fostering relationships and implementing effective procedures and routines to support all students. Read Full Bio