Shay James

Shay James brings over 23 years of dedicated service to public education, currently serving as the Superintendent of the North Clackamas School District (NCSD). With a rich background encompassing various leadership roles, Shay’s journey in education began as a teacher and evolved through positions including Assistant Principal, Vice Principal, Principal, and Senior Director of High Schools and College and Career Readiness within Portland Public Schools.

Passionate about inspiring excellence and ensuring equitable outcomes, Shay is committed to breaking down barriers and fostering an environment conducive to the success of all students. Her career transition from the business sector to education reflects her unwavering dedication to student learning, college and career readiness, and fostering meaningful relationships.

Shay’s educational journey includes earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) from Portland State University, as well as a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) from Lewis and Clark College. Her experience extends beyond administrative roles, having served as an adjunct professor at Washington State University in Vancouver, Washington.

As Shay leads the NCSD towards its mission of empowering graduates to enact positive change in their lives and communities, she remains committed to fostering a collaborative community centered on student success and inspirational growth. Her favorite aspect of education lies in embracing the diverse challenges and opportunities each role presents, recognizing that every experience contributes to personal and professional growth.