We prepare students for life by transforming the school leadership experience.

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We’re For You if You’ve Struggled With:

  • Hiring & Retention
  • Attendance
  • Grading Practices
  • Student Achievement
  • Student Behavior & SEL Needs
  • Staff Engagement
  • Family/Community Involvement

We’re For You if You Want:

  • To attract top-notch teachers & staff
  • A school all students want to attend because they feel they belong & can succeed
  • A school experience recognized for providing students with a relevant & culturally-responsive education
  • A school trusted & respected by its community
  • To be a leader valued for helping create a lasting culture of family, hope, & success
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“Having the Portico model and people from the outside see the things I was trying to put together and work with my staff on and asking valuable questions. And it’s really not about solving it for you, it’s about asking you those questions to get you to think about big pictures and systems, and systems change was absolutely phenomenal.”

– Dr. Courtney Robinson – Former Principal Ocean View High School – Huntington Beach Union High School District, California

“Portico is a game changer. Portico helps intentional leaders be intentional about building better schools. You don’t have to shoulder the burden of doing it in isolation. This model is essential to improving school culture, healthy school environments and a unified vision for your school.”

– Dr. Iton Udosenata – Assistant Superintendent – Salem-Keizer Public Schools

“It was so much more empowering. We felt that much more confident in and facing each challenge along the way. And when a new one presented itself, we could go right back to Inflexion. Always available, 24/7, reaching out and connecting with them.”

– Dr. Morgan Smith – Principal – Marina High School – Huntington Beach, California


  • Our CEO, Matt Coleman, developed the research-based Inflexion Approach from his extensive experience as a teacher, principal, and district leader.

  • Our approach has helped over 100 schools to become more effective hubs of learning and support for their communities.

  • When using the Inflexion Approach, a school community shares a clear purpose. They work together to empower every student to be ready for their futures.


  • Leaders in the Portico community have both teachers and students who report feeling more connected and engaged at school.

  • This leads to fewer suspensions

  • And results in fewer teachers leaving


  • All Portico coaches have been school leaders and understand the daily pressures of leading. And they are passionate about working alongside leaders committed to transforming the student experience.

  • Portico connects you with an extensive network of education leaders, so you have consistent access to the most current and innovative ideas and solutions.

  • Portico facilitators and staff keep you up-to-date on what’s working across the Portico community as well as the greater educational community.

Next Steps

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  2. Write down the 3 things standing in your way
  3. Book your free call and get help right away