The Inflexion Community

Engage in an online professional learning approach that supports the development of school leaders through a sequence of learning activities linked directly to school capacity-building activities for a broad range of stakeholders (staff, students, families, and community). Our approach incorporates key features of high quality, multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) and assists leaders with developing the necessary infrastructure to support each and every student.

What Does the Community Include?
The Inflexion Approach

The Inflexion Approach is a research-based organizational framework designed to support schoolwide implementation efforts and to build learning communities that work for ALL students. It is a way to develop coherence in systems often described as being disjointed, disorganized, and chaotic. Using the Inflexion Approach, we help school leaders identify critical elements of their own school identity and intended student outcomes, then use these to support organizational structures and learning approaches aligned to a shared, holistic vision for student readiness.