Rachael George

Rachael’s journey from battling wildland fires with the U.S. Forest Service to extinguishing educational challenges in the classroom reflects her unwavering commitment to making a profound impact. A pivotal conversation in Grangeville, Idaho prompted her transition, leading her to embrace a role in education. Recognized as a member of the ASCD Emerging Leaders Class of 2015, Rachael currently serves as the Executive Director of Elementary Programs and Prek Principal in the Oregon Trail School District. Prior to this role, Rachael served as the Executive Director of Student Services, a building principal at the middle and elementary level, as well as a classroom teacher at all three levels.

Her transformative leadership was evident during her tenure as principal of Sandy Grade School, where she steered the institution from being one of Oregon’s lowest-ranked elementary schools to the top 20%, earning acclaim from the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) as a Model School for closing the achievement gap. As a middle school principal, her work on student achievement, growth, and transformation was recognized by the State of Oregon in being identified as an “outstanding” and a two-time “Level 5: Model School” within the state.

With a specialization in curriculum development, instructional enhancement, and supporting at-risk students, Rachael’s expertise extends to fostering collaboration and bridging connections within educational communities. Committed to the ethos of collective growth, she believes in the power of effective leadership to nurture collaborative learning experiences. Rachael is also the co-author of PrincipalED: Navigating the Leadership Learning Curve and She Leads: The Women’s guide to a Career in Educational Leadership. Connect with Rachael to embark on this journey of exploration, growth, and mutual support.