Shared Purpose

Shared Purpose unites the school community with a shared vision for readiness, embraced by all. Key decisions align deliberately with this purpose, shaping structures and learning approaches. It fosters a collective mindset, recognizing “all students” means each and every individual. Within this community, a commitment exists to ensure profound student belonging, connection, and engagement, fostering a supportive and inclusive educational environment.

Statements Depicting the Ideal Pursuit of a School

  • The school community shares a unifying vision for readiness, wholeheartedly embraced and advanced by all.
  • Key decisions, including structures and approaches to learning, are deliberately aligned with this shared purpose.
  • The shared purpose entails a collective mindset where “all students” truly means each and every student.
  • Within this community, there is a commitment to ensuring every student experiences a profound sense of belonging, connection, and engagement.

Points of Emphasis

  • Organizational theory, work of Peter Senge, has a direct application to schools. It speaks to the need of shared vision and a recent push towards the idea of shared purpose, what you are trying to get done, which is student outcomes.
  • The purpose of school should be shaped by families, students, staff, and the community and should be articulated so that everyone is empowered to work on behalf of students to achieve the purpose. 


“Leadership is about inspiring and enabling others to do their absolute best together, to realize a meaningful and rewarding shared purpose.”- George B. Bradt

The most successful leader of all is the one who sees another picture not yet actualized. He sees the things which are not yet there… Above all, he should make his co-workers see that it is not his purpose which is to be achieved, but a common purpose, born of the desires and the activities of the group.”- Mary Parker Follett

“It always takes a group of people working together with a common purpose in an atmosphere of trust and collaboration to get extraordinary things done.”- James M. Kouzes

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