Authentic Connection: 10 Things in Common Opener Activity

The common denominator is that all types of icebreakers can help build stronger team connections.

– Jonathan Thompson


  • Break everyone into small groups of 3-4 (use breakout rooms if on Zoom), being sure to mix departments if possible/applicable.
  • Task the groups with finding 10 things that all of them share in common (for example: places they have visited, movies they love, items of clothing they own).
  • Have each group share 1-3 of their 10 things with the whole group
  • Bonus/Challenge: Is there anything shared by the entire group?

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Authentic Connection: True or False Opener Activity

While this activity functions as an icebreaker, it also serves the purpose of deeper team-building, even for more well-established teams. Not only does this help the group get to know each other better and swiftly reduce stress levels, but it also sparks immediate interaction – as the group comes together to root out the red herrings.

This activity is also known as two truths and a lie, and is one that students also enjoy (whether for getting to know each other or their teacher).

Authentic Connection: One-Word Opener Activity

While this activity functions as an icebreaker, it’s best for deeper team-building for established teams. This activity can reveal some surprising answers, with enlightening discussion to follow, which can easily segue into the meeting proper. Plus, starting out with small groups allows everyone the chance to participate in a meaningful way, which can boost their confidence about speaking up in the full session.

Authentic Connection: Team Timeline Opener Activity

While this activity functions as an icebreaker, it’s best for deeper team-building for established teams. This exercise helps show, in a visual way, the different experiences, priorities, and generations within your team. It leads well into talking about shared experiences, breaks down barriers and creates a mindset of authentic communication.