Reflection 1 of 0

Set up a multi-prong approach to staff support and evaluation (formal and informal) aligned to the school’s vision for readiness and identity.

Some areas to consider include:

  • Do they approach every day as an opportunity to see students and all their strengths, to engage the whole child, and an approach to teaching and learning that is aligned with the school’s vision for readiness?
  • Are they generally excited to show up and support their colleagues and their students?
  • Do they feel collectively supported by colleagues and their administrators? Why or why not? 
  • Are the students they work directly with connected with them and engaged in learning? 
  • Do they allow and encourage students to be their whole selves including values/ languages/ norms from their homes and community? 
  • Are they creating and nurturing environments where students learn through experiences and collaboration?
  • Are the learning opportunities they provide rigorous and interesting to students versus just checking off curriculum content strands?
  • Are they continually seeking inclusive and holistic ways of demonstrating how the students are learning and growing every day?