Section 1, Topic 1
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Incorporate the feedback from staff, families, and students to develop definitions and goals for each student outcome

Use the feedback from staff and students as inspiration to make sure they will connect with and see themselves in the definitions and goals for each outcome. Do not try to use their exact words or phrases to develop shared definitions and goals, but look for themes throughout the feedback. What themes emerged?

Make a copy of the linked document and develop definitions and goals for each outcome with your leadership team or even a small group on the team to ensure they are as simple as possible and do not become too wordy or embedded with educational jargon. The goal is for students and their families to be able to easily understand the importance of these student outcomes and how students are learning these outcomes every period, every day both in and out of the classroom. What worked well in this process? What was the biggest challenge?

Share finalized definitions and goals for each student outcome with your school community (students, staff, and families)

Set up onboarding and communication process to share finalized student outcomes (with definitions and goals) with new students, staff, and families.