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Los Angeles, CA


I’ve worked at numerous levels of the secondary education system, and served as a high school teacher, middle school assistant principal, alternative education principal, district-level manager of federally funded high school dropout prevention grants, director of reconnection center, director of multi-tiered systems of support and most recently as a 9th grade on track coach.

In my administrative roles, I supported significant change resulting in improved outcomes for students within alternative schools and re-engagement settings as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 students district-wide—with a positive, differential impact on students who have been historically underserved. As a principal of two separate culturally specific alternative high schools in the Portland area, I led and supported a four grade level literacy increase within 18 months. At the district level, I led work to reform efforts that increased graduation rates, decreased dropout rates, increased retention rates at the reconnection center, and established now institutionalized district-wide 8th to 9th grade transition programs and a credit recovery system.


Currently, I work with districts and school leaders across the country helping them establish Multi-tiered systems of support designed using shared college and career readiness skills as part of their school identity. In addition, I work with schools in the Portland metro area helping them reestablish school identity, heal from historical trauma, develop ninth-grade teams and facilitate PLC work.


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New Jersey, Oregon, and California