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My pronouns are he/him.

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Jim Keegan




Fern Ridge, Junction City, Gaston, St. Helens and Warrenton

City and State

Portland, Oregon



Jim Keegan – Leadership Coach/Consultant


Jim Keegan worked for 39 years in education at all levels (18 secondary/21 elementary and middle) with 21 of those years as a building administrator and 16 years in the Springfield School District. While in Springfield, he worked exclusively at schools with high poverty and diverse populations and was very involved with Drs. Stan Paine and Ed Kame’enui and their work with literacy as well as the Safe and Civil Schools network and the work of Drs. Randy and Marilyn Sprick around strong PBIS systems. During his career, Jim taught in New York, Chicago and Oregon and completed his graduate and postgraduate work at the University of Oregon. Since his retirement in 2013, Jim has stayed current by working with the following organizations:


Education Northwest

2013 –2017 (4 years)

Member of a coaching network that provided support to schools that were in Focus and Priority status with a particular emphasis on School Improvement Planning, Leadership Team Development and principal support.


Oregon Rural Schools Network

2017 – Present

Member of a coaching network with specific support to the Junction City School District at the high school and middle level.


University of Oregon – Adjunct Faculty

2013 – Present

Supervised students working to obtain their Initial Administrator License.  Co-designed and taught several Institutes throughout the year.




Locations of Experience

New York, Chicago, Eugene and Portland Oregon


I'm here because

Why Me?

During my 22-year career as an administrator, I was fortunate to have strong mentoring, coaching, and support.  At this point in my life, I have the gift of time and the ability to give forward.

Why This?

The work of Inflexion truly does provide a “playbook and toolkit” to accomplish the above. Supporting schools/districts to develop a shared identity and a vision for readiness, while also supporting principal development will be instrumental in achieving student success and community engagement.

Why here?

Having lived and worked in Oregon for over 40 years has given me an understanding of Oregon’s public school system and the many challenges that are currently before us. In addition to my work with Inflexion, I also see education as a grandparent and the parent of a teacher in Portland Public Schools. The Portland metro region (Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties) has opened my eyes to many challenges that I did not experience while an educator in Lane County.

Why now?

As mentioned above, I was fortunate to receive mentoring and coaching throughout my own career and since 2013, I have worked as a leadership coach and adjunct faculty at the University of Oregon, and as a community volunteer.  I have the gift of time to give back and perhaps be a resource to those I work with.











I got here through

Resiliency and Perseverance

Although these two characteristics are different, they are often interconnected. In my personal life and early career as a high school teacher/athletic coach, I learned early on that these two characteristics helped me the most with transitions.


My hope for this community

For them to know that I am here to support them on their journey and that the work of Inflexion can be an incredible resource.

I can support you with

As I mentioned above, I have the gift of time and the ability to be a resource.  Further, I hope that I can be a confidant for each principal in my Cohort as they work through any number of challenges.

Favorite role in education

Working as a principal in Title One elementary schools in the Springfield School District always brought me joy and a sense of purpose.  The last 10 years working as a leadership coach and U of O IAL supervisor has also been a favorite.

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