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One great thing about being a Portico coach is that there’s some flexibility to accommodate other professional commitments and your personal schedule, including vacations. If you’re going on vacation, we ask you do the following:

Block the dates you will be gone on your calendar, so Calendly shows you as unavailable during your vacation dates.

To double check you’ve blocked your dates correctly to go –> Find your Portico Copilot 1:1 Coaching event –> Click “View booking page” and check the dates you’ll be gone. The dates should be appear in gray text and not show any available times for meeting.

Give your Facilitator a heads up when you’ll be gone and give a sense of your availability during that time (are you going to be partially available, completely off the grid, etc.).

If you have existing Copilot or Counterpart meetings scheduled during a vacation time, you can consider taking an hour or two and keeping those existing commitments while you’re gone. The great thing about virtual coaching is that it can be done from anywhere if you have internet access.

If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time and unable to meet virtually while you’re away, communicate with your school leaders in advance to make a plan for how to schedule out their Copilot meetings. You may want to double up on coaching sessions the month prior or following your trip. Different administrators may have their own preferences depending on when their school breaks and school year end dates are.

If you’re gone for an extended period of time and unable to meet virtually, the Portico team may look for another coach to sub in for your Counterpart meeting as a guest coach. Your Facilitator can help with this and will continue to be at the meeting for continuity.