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Shared Vision for Readiness


  • Choose the best strategies for engaging students, staff, families based on the unique context of a school community.
  • Create a shared vision for readiness/ student outcomes to connect and transform the student experience.
  • Design rituals and routines using the school’s shared vision for readiness connect students to the skills needed to transition to their next step.
  • Define shared student outcomes so students, staff, and families can connect classroom and instructional practices to the school’s common purpose.
  • Engage students and families whose voices have not historically been included in the decision-making process to ensure they see themselves in the school’s shared vision for readiness.

Journey Connections

This Implementation Guide builds off learning from Future Readiness (Part 1 and 2), Community Engagement, Continuous Improvement, Student Empowerment, and Shared Identity.

We’ve discovered that the more clearly a cultural identity is defined, the more accurately it is embedded in the everyday workings of a school system. Just as the foundation of the school buildings serves as a support to everything above ground, a strong identity sets the tone for everything that comes after. Resetting established foundations can sometimes be a painful and challenging process. However, working through these challenges and building from the strengths the community has identified can produce amazing results.

Articulating a clear and compelling identity that reflects the school community can transform the day-to-day experience for students. It allows them to engage in instruction, programs, and co/extra-curricular opportunities aligned with the skills they need to be ready for life after high school. Developing a strong foundation using this work, will be an anchor for ensuring that all students are being served well.

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