Continuum of Supports

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The success of a school’s student support system depends on its ability to address the specific needs of each student and family while also working towards a shared vision for readiness. To achieve this, it is essential to have a comprehensive and aligned continuum of support that considers the diverse needs and experiences of all students. This guide helps leaders analyze and evaluate their school’s continuum of supports, identify areas for improvement, involve students and families in decision-making processes, and establish collaborative working groups to develop and implement an effective continuum of supports that meets the unique needs of all students. By working towards these objectives, schools can ensure that their continuum of supports is responsive, equitable, and effective in meeting the needs of every student.


  • Analyze and evaluate a school’s continuum of support to identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop a plan to address gaps in the school’s continuum of support.
  • Utilize empathy interviews to enhance student and family involvement in individual student decision-making as part of the school’s continuum of support.
  • Establish a working group consisting of key stakeholders (e.g. teachers, counselors, specialists, administrators, and community liaisons) to collaborate on the development, implementation, and ongoing revision of the school’s continuum of support.

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