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Beaverton, OR


I'm here because

Why me? Going to college after high school was always an expectation for me set by my family. I had parents who helped me navigate what classes to take in high school, explore options for college, reviewed my applications, and paid my tuition in full. It wasn’t until I left high school that I realized just how much privilege I had. For two years I worked in university admissions with prospective students and families, which showed me that our current educational system is not set up to serve all students–just some. Since I joined Inflexion, I’ve loved playing a role on collaborative team that is working to challenge the status quo in our school systems and support the future readiness of all students.

Why this? I believe that the best ideas come out of collaboration and know the value of having a colleague or team to problem solve with. The Portico community provides opportunities for principals to from other school leaders, share their own expertise, and have a collaborative team to learn from.

Why here? We have a great team of passionate and supportive coaches and staff who all are working together toward a common goal.

Why now? We can’t wait for change to magically happen, so if not now…then when?

I got here through

Flexibility and adaptability. Even the best and most carefully though-out plans can get derailed by things beyond our control. Being able plan for different scenarios, adapt and pivot when needed, and take change in stride has served me well throughout my life, both personally and professionally.

My hope for this community

My greatest hope is that Portico can provide a refreshing space for school leaders to support and learn from each other. Every member of this community has something of value to share–Portico is just providing the forum for that to happen.

My story

Prior to Inflexion, I worked for two years in university admissions as a student ambassador. I networked with thousands of students and helped at recruitment events focusing on nontraditional or underrepresented student populations and families. In this role, I helped be an advocate for continuing education after high school and connecting students and families to resources to make those dreams a reality. That role cemented my desire to continue to support and improve our education system for each and every student, which I’ve carried into my various roles at Inflexion.

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