My hope for this community

My greatest hope is that I can support them to meet and eventually exceed the goals I’ve helped them to set. I also hope to better connect them to their students, staff and communities.

I can support you with

I make every effort to stay abreast of current practices in the field of education, reading and researching and even discussing findings with colleagues. I can offer many current practices that have been tried and tested, and can even modify and personalize practices to fit the needs of specific schools. I can readily share knowledge that I’ve gathered from my readings, experiences, and education.

Favorite role in education

I have thoroughly enjoyed every role I’ve had in this rewarding field of education, but if I must choose a favorite position it would have to be classroom teacher. This was my introduction to this noble field, and I had an opportunity to work with a Principal who was truly connected to the parents and the community. Watching him advocate for students and families was an amazing learning experience. He invited parents and businesses to view and even take part in different showcases of student’s work. The students were always so excited about it, and this manifested into stronger classroom systems and structures because the students felt a strong sense of belonging to the school. Several practices I witnessed under his leadership I’ve carried into my leadership practices, some 2o+ years later.


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