I'm here because

Why Me?

During my 48 years as an educator I have gained knowledge and experience in the field of educational leadership. My background in education, coupled with my expertise in executive coaching, allows me to understand the unique challenges and complexities faced by educational leaders. I am well-versed in the latest trends and best practices in educational leadership.  Throughout my career I have been able to establish and maintain a high degree of relational trust with staff and colleagues.

Why This?

The current educational landscape presents leaders complex challenges, at a  time when effective leadership in a rapidly changing environment requires that leaders seeking to improve their leadership skills and create positive, impactful changes in their schools and districts. There is a growing emphasis on equity, diversity, and inclusion and therefore essential that leaders recognize the complexities of these issues and and are able create inclusive learning environments.

Why Here?

Educational leadership comes with its own set of challenges, distinct from other industries. Dealing with diverse stakeholders, complex educational policies, and the need to balance academic goals with administrative responsibilities can be overwhelming. Through the Portico approach, educational leaders are provided the essential systems and structures and the resources and support to stay focused on the right work that ultimately drives success for each and every student.

Why Now?

Currently, in the state of Oregon, 50 of the 197 superintendents will be in their first year in their respective districts.  Guidance and support from a skilled executive coaches coupled with adhering tightly to the systems, and structures in the Portico approach can empower educational leaders, especially those new to their positions, to navigate the complexities of their leadership responsibilities and drive positive transformational change within their schools and districts.










I got here through

     For me, interpersonal skills, the ability to connect with others  and resilience have been key to navigating life’s transitions. When going through significant changes, having a support network can provide emotional comfort, advice, and practical help. Life transitions come with uncertainties and unforeseen challenges. Being resilient has helped me overcome setbacks  and continue moving forward and to be able to embrace transitions as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks.


My hope for this community


     My hope is that we are able to support school leaders to develop and implement a shared vision for readiness allowing for a unified approach towards achieving positive outcomes for each and every student.  My hope is that we are able to collaborate with school leaders who promote diversity and inclusion in the school community, creating a welcoming environment for students and staff from all backgrounds.



I can support you with

I want to be able to share my resources, experiences, stories of success (and yes, failure) with my colleagues and with the principals and superintendents we support.  However,  at this point in my career I view sharing as a reciprocal endeavor.  The rich and varied experiences and level of craft knowledge runs deep in our group.  We are uniquely  positioned to embrace the power of the collective to  build a strong network of supportive colleagues who can help educators thrive and make a positive impact on their students and the education community as a whole.


Favorite role in education

Classroom teachers have the power to shape the future by nurturing and guiding the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and professionals.  Of all of the positions I have held, my time in the classroom is to this day the most satisfying and memorable. As a teacher I was able to have a significant and immediate impact on my students. I was able to  witness the growth and development of my students firsthand, as well as help them overcome challenges and succeed academically and personally.   The impact I was able to have on students in many cases extended beyond their time in my classroom.  I am still in touch with many students and families from my past teaching experience.




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