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Uh-lex-ah Ah-Sheel



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Memphis, TN


I'm here because

I have a vivid memory of my mother constantly telling my younger self, “you always stick up for the underdog”. At first I thought it that to mean I was a contrarian taking the opposite side just because. However, that characteristic of “standing up for the underdog” or what we call an advocate has shown up, unintentionally, in every chapter of my life.

When I became the captain of the step team in middle school I taught step to those that struggled to learn because I had patience. In high school, I began to notice how there was little representation of my culture my theatre program and I found myself in positions to be the change. During my undergraduate and graduate years in college I was in community with those highlighting the inequity within the school’s Student Activities Department through organizing protests and meeting with the school’s President and Executive Board. When I applied for the New York City Teaching fellows program I wanted to teach English but the program decided that I’d make a better Special Educator. Finally, when I made it into the classroom I made it my duty to challenge school leadership to practice what they preach and aided in the transformation of the school academically and culturally.

My life experiences show that I have been in community with those who are overlooked, I’m able to understand their challenges, and fiercely act on their behalf.

So, when asked why me, why this, why here, and why now I come to the conclusion that this work is a part of my life’s purpose. No matter where I am or job that I have the young girl who always stands up for the underdog serves as a reminder of what I am here to do.

My hope for this community

My greatest hope for meeting with school leaders this year is to provide the support, ideas, and encouragement they need while they navigate the challenge of leading the transformation of their school community.

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