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He, His, Him




Port Orford-Langlois School District

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Port Orford, Oregon


My entire career in education has been working in small schools and districts. I have worked as a K-8 Instructional Assistant, a 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher, an Elementary Principal and a District Superintendent.
Working in small schools, I have also had to wear many other hats, including Title I Coordinator, custodian, bus driver, baseball coach, and food service worker.

Locations of Experience

Hamilton Creek School District; Lebanon, Oregon

Scio School District; Scio, Oregon

Vernonia School District; Vernonia, Oregon


My hope for this community

My greatest hope for meeting with school leaders in my cohort this year is to have them feel that the time they spent working with me, and our cohort was effective, transformative and worthwhile.

I hope that we are able to move the dial forward on those aspects of school improvement that are needed by them collectively as a group, and individually for each district and school leader.

I hope that the work we accomplish together has a direct and positive impact on their staff, schools and most importantly, their students.

Favorite role in education

My favorite position I have held in education is Instructional Assistant. I loved the time I spent just supervising kids on the playground and the lunchroom. These were the times where I truly got to know my students, and was able to build solid relationships that would help be more effective in my work of supporting them in the classroom.

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