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5 Shifts Interview Questions for Leaders

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Use these questions as a guide to reflect on the 5 shifts and have meaningful conversations with your leaders.

Uproot, Rethink, and Rebuild

  • Where are places I can help this leader break old habits by leaving the ways of an outdated and broken school system behind?
  • How is this leader already finding bold solutions to systemic inequities? How can I continue to support that effort? 

Find Your People

  • How can I help this leader get and stay connected to others who will support them in their specific efforts giving them the confidence they need to make bolder, better decisions as a leader?

Get Busy on the Right Stuff

  • Viewing their goals and challenges from their perspective, how can I help them prioritize their actions to lead most efficiently? 
  • What insightful connections can I draw between any of their listed goals and challenges? 

Move From Me to We

  • In what ways does this leader feel isolated or alone in their efforts?
  • How can I encourage this leader to use inclusive leadership strategies to move their goals forward or mitigate their challenges?

Invest in Coaching

  • How will their previous experience with coaching inform how you approach your relationship with this leader?
  • How do their expectations of coaching match up with the reality of the Portico experience?