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Portico Community

You can get to know other members of the Portico Community by finding their profiles in the Community Directory.

Inflexion Staff

The Portico team has staff who are responsible for

  • Sales: renewals, new districts who may want to be involved
  • Content: resources, community, newsletters, Crowdsource planning, newsletters, maxims development, graphic design
  • Community Support: supporting coaches and school leaders

School Leaders

We have partnered with over 30 decision makers and entities through which leaders participate in Portico, including districts, county departments of education, and educational service districts primarily from Oregon and California. Others join the community as part of a grant or on the initiative of the individual school leader.


We started with three coaches and currently have a team of 20 and growing. Coaches are an integral part of the Portico experience, as leaders work with their coach one-on-one and in cohorts throughout the year. Our coaches have extensive experience as administrators, expertise in facilitation and coaching, and a strong commitment to equitable outcomes for all students.

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