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Inflexion is a nonprofit consulting group that helps leaders transform schools for the better. Formerly known as the Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC), Inflexion transitioned in 2017 from a focus on policy to one on partnerships and school improvement.

As an organization, Inflexion is made up of three main teams:

  • Edutech provides software development services to education professionals
  • Edulytix provides research, evaluation, planning, and analytic support
  • Portico provides coaching and community for school leaders

In collaboration with the other members of the Portico team, executive coaches support and challenge school leaders to achieve transformational change within their schools.

Inflexion’s Maxims for Our Own Staff and Community

One of the ways we support schools as they develop a strong, shared identity is by working with their community to create maxims. Maxims are statements that act as an organization’s core drivers so they remain focused on their purpose. These statements are used to both highlight areas of strength already within the community and as aspirational statements to reinforce the promises an organization makes to the community.

Inflexion is also committed to sharing a clear identity as a staff and with our partners so we have maxims to keep us focused on how and most importantly WHY we as an organization work with educational leaders to transform the student experience and ensure that every student is ready to transition into their futures.