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Inflexion Approach

The Inflexion Approach is rooted in organizational theory and recognizes the critical role identity plays in developing schools and systems that serve all students well. The Inflexion Approach builds on the work of Peter Senge and Michael Fullan and was developed by Inflexion’s CEO, Matt Coleman.

Our work at Inflexion, and specifically in Portico, supports educational leaders as they focus on the elements of the Inflexion Approach: identity, structure, and learning. Identity includes shared values, beliefs, mental models, attitude, and vision. Structure includes the systems, processes, and practices that should be informed and reflect a school’s or system’s identity and support the type of learning environment that will ensure readiness for all. Learning environment includes instructional design as well as professional and program development — all aligned with a holistic vision for student readiness.

inflexion approach: identity, structure, learning, readiness for all