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Get Ready for Counterpart

Counterpart meetings will be scheduled for each month by an Inflexion Facilitator based on coach and school leader schedules. We will be scheduling meetings for the entire year as soon as schedules are submitted by all cohort members and the coach. These meetings will typically include 4 to 6 school leaders, a coach, and an Inflexion facilitator. The goal of these meetings is to allow the leaders to work directly with each other to guide their thinking as they implement this transformative work in their schools. Coaches and facilitators are there to share best practices across the whole Portico community as needed, but the goal is for leaders to do most of the reflecting and sharing during these meetings. As with Copilot, we want to find a balance between keeping momentum going throughout the year and giving space for leaders to build relationships and have meaningful conversations.


Facilitators will schedule Counterpart meetings and school leaders and coaches will receive calendar invitations containing the Zoom meeting links.