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Don e lee




Retired from Springfield School District

City and State

Eugene, Oregon


My experience in education includes:

Elementary teacher & middle school coach in a parochial K-8 school in Springfield, Oregon; 1974-78

Elementary Teacher, including blended classroom experience at Centennial Elementary School, Springfield, Oregon. 1978-1991. During this time I served as chair of the District Wellness Committee, and earned a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Oregon.

Principal of St. Paul’s K-8 school in Eugene, Oregon. Enrollment was about 260 students. 1991-1995.

Elementary Principal in the Springfield School District, 1995-2013. I served as principal of our rural K-5 schools for two years. I then served as principal of K-5 Title 1 schools, Moffitt Elementary 1997-2002, and Centennial Elementary 2002-2013.

During my tenure at Centennial, we received recognition as a Champion School from the Oregon Department of Education, and I was chosen as Oregon National Distinguished Principal in 2011.

Locations of Experience

Other experiences in leadership in cities other than Springfield happened following retirement. I was chosen by Education Northwest to serve as a School Leadership Coach to work with principals in priority or focus school status on their continuous improvement plans. In this capacity, I worked with  rural Oakridge Elementary School for three years. I also worked with Spring Creek Elementary in Eugene.

I also served as an administrative practicum supervisor for the University of Oregon Administrative Licensure Program