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(Hi-u) or pronounced (hugh)




Gresham-Barlow School District

City and State

Gresham, Oregon


I served served as an educator for the past 31 years in K-12 public schools in the great state of Oregon.  My first job in educaion was as an elementary physical education teacher at Applegate Elementary School in Portland, Oregon in 1991.  I also coached football, and wrestling at Benson High School.  A few years later I began teaching at Benson HS and served as an integration coordinator in the counseling department and also taught PE/Health and Math.   I moved to the North Clackamas School District in 2000 (Milwaukie HS) as an assistant principal for three years.  I then served as an assistant principal at Sam Barlow HS for a year and then become the principal in 2004.  I served in that role for 6 years and in 2010, I became the direcor of secondary education for two years and that role expanded to deputy superintendent in 2012.  In 2017,  I served in a new role as deputy superintendent of human resources and in 2021 became superintendent of schools.

Locations of Experience

Oregon – 32nd year of public service


I'm here because

I believe in the power of relationships, self efficacy, team (family), and that our students needs caring adults to support them so that they are able to thrive in our public schools.

I got here through

Transparency and relationships (team) – with a cultural twist (Ohana)/family.  Family first always…

My hope for this community

My greatest hopes for our meetings are to be able to connect, collaborate, learn from each other, and truly support each other in our professional work.

I can support you with

I have an innate ability to bring people together around a common goal/mission in leadership and service to our community.

Favorite role in education

High School Principal – it was the most complex and challenging position, but also my most rewarding and personally satisfying job whereby I felt engaged, connected, and valued as an education leader.

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